Symbient™ Habitat™

As technologies evolve, so do opportunities for using those technologies in ways never been used before. Together with the Internet of Things, we can leverage these technologies to develop ambient intelligence within our environment, or "habitat" as we call it, which can provide us with even more opportunities.

By placing sensors and actuators in more and more places, we are enabling our habitat to analyze itself and take actions on our behalf. For example, smart home technologies allow our homes to turn lights on & off as we enter and exit. They allow our thermostats to "learn" our comings & goings and to change the temperature accordingly so as to conserve electricity. They even allow our homes to protect themselves when certain situations arise such as the presence of fire, intruders, or imminent weather.

At Symbient, we recognize these opportunities as ways to, not only improve our home lives, but to also improve our working lives. That's why we have chosen to work with select IoT providers to develop and deliver ambient intelligence in the workplace which can make our habitats smarter, safer, and even autonomous where possible.

As it is our mission to augment human workers, we also recognize the need to first augment the workplace. That's why we are working to develop what we call the "Symbient™ Habitat™", a place that can work along with you and not just be chocked full of dumb, inanimate objects. For example, imagine walking up to your local grocery store and the door opens automatically. There isn't really anything "intelligent" about this. Now imagine walking up to that same door and it recognizes you as you and greets you by name, welcomes you back, speaks aloud suggestions based on your previous purchases, or even identifies you as someone not welcome in that store and refuses to open for you. This is an "ambient intelligent" habitat, aka a "Symbient™ Habitat™".

But the Symbient™ Habitat™ isn't just about providing consumers with ambient intelligence, it's also about providing workers with ambient intelligence. Imagine, as an employee, you are walking through the produce section of the grocery store mentioned above and having the tomatoes speak up and tell you they are getting old. It isn't the actual tomatoes detecting their age and speaking to you, but rather strategically placed sensors underneath the tomatoes that monitor temperature, humidity, moisture, and so on. With this, as an employee, you don't have to waste time manually checking every product. Instead, you can just navigate your store, or even better, have the habitat itself place orders for new tomatoes on your behalf. That's the power of the Symbient™ Habitat™.

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